Ear Institute

The University of Arizona Ear Institute prevents, detects, treats and rehabilitates ear disease through state-of-the-art clinical care, research and education. The UA Ear Institute is the most comprehensive ear and hearing health program in the southwestern United States.

Clinical Care

The University of Arizona Ear Institute provides complete diagnostic care, treatment and rehabilitation of complex ear diseases

  • skull base tumors (vestibular schwannomas/acoustic neuromas as well as posterior cranial fossa meningiomas)
  • facial nerve disorders
  • primary/revision middle ear and mastoid surgery
  • implantable hearing technologies (cochlear implants, bone-anchored hearing aids, and implantable hearing aids)

Hearing Loss

Treating and rehabilitating hearing loss is more urgent than you might imagine. Hearing loss can cause communication difficulties, social isolation, depression, and even cognitive decline due to auditory deprivation.

  • Hearing loss affects 1:1000 children at birth and 3-4:1000 persons through childhood.
  • The number of people afflicted increases with age, reaching roughly 50% by age 65 years and nearly 100% by age 80.
  • The military spends billions of dollars per year on service-connected disability from hearing loss/tinnitus.
  • Many people develop hearing loss due to recreational or occupational noise exposure. Exactly how many is unknown.
  • Patients receiving certain antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs often develop hearing loss.


To end human suffering from hearing loss and other diseases of the ear and lateral skull base.

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