Epidemiology and Prevention of Cutaneous Cancer.

TitleEpidemiology and Prevention of Cutaneous Cancer.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsO'Leary MA, Wang SJ
JournalOtolaryngol Clin North Am
Date Published2021 Apr

Cutaneous malignancy is becoming an increasing public health burden in terms of morbidity and cost, associated with changing environmental exposures and increased longevity of the general and the immunosuppressed population. Yet the understanding of the scope of this problem is hindered by lack of robust registries for nonmelanoma skin cancer. The risk factor responsible for most of these cancers, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, can be mitigated. However, greater consensus is necessary to enact effective prevention and screening programs. New developments, including identification of biomarkers and use of artificial intelligence, show promise for targeting screening efforts.

Alternate JournalOtolaryngol Clin North Am
PubMed ID33743885
Faculty Reference: 
Steven J. Wang, MD